Need a reason to Try online dating? We Have 30 For You!


  1. Approximately 68% of online singles say that they are search for a life partner. This is a higher percentage than you would meet in your local bar.
  2. Doesn’t matter how you dress you can even date in your pajamas!
  3. You meet people faster since online dating site provide chat via instant messenger and web cam.
  4. Most dating profile give members the opportunity to be able to tell who may or may not be right for them.
  5. Even if you don’t find your match you can always meet new friends that have the same interests as you do.
  6. Most people know of someone who has met their match at an online dating site. Who knows you could be next.
  7. Rejection can be a difficult thing to deal with, however, the risk of rejection is greatly reduced since many people are familiar with the online dating game and chatting to someone online doesn’t mean you are obligate to date that person.
  8. There are many online groups that have common interests, which gives you the opportunity to meet people with similar hobbies and activities.
  9. You don’t have to get new clothes and get all dressed up just to meet new people.
  10. Dating on the Internet gives you the opportunity to chat to anyone anonymously and with several men or women before getting involved.
  11. The Internet allows you to know anyone comfortably before you commit to dating them offline.
  12. Dating on the Internet can basically be a harmless adventure as long as you don’t give out your private information too early in conversations. This is safest so you cannot be traced.
  13. It is the perfect way to overcome any feelings of shyness, insecurity or paranoia.
  14. Online dating gives you the opportunity to reference conversations that have had.
  15. Dating websites can be the perfect resource for getting dating and relationship advice.
  16. Online dating can be private if that is your choice. Nobody needs to know what you are up to.
  17. Most dating profiles can distinguish a lot about someone than even the first conversation. This allows you to choose someone whose has the appropriate dating criteria.
  18. Prospective partners have a better chance to get to know each other since online dating sites are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. They never close unlike other dating venues.
  19. Most of the more popular online personals are free. This allows you to access them without any fees.
  20. Just the volume alone of singles that are online gives you a better chance at success.
  21. Most of the people that you meet online are single. So most of the time there is no need to guess if they are single or not.
  22. There are always new people to see and meet.
  23. The chance of having awkward moments is greatly reduced compared to any offline date or meeting. Meeting someone online removes barriers.
  24. Social stigmas are removed when dating online.
  25. Web cams give you the chance to see someone to see if there is a mutual attraction
  26. You do not have the limits of geography or hometown venues.
  27. You can go out with as many as you want without any guilt.
  28. It’s easier to break off with anyone you meet online if things aren’t going as planned.
  29. You can chat to other singles and no one takes you seriously unless that’s what you want.
  30. You can join any dating site that suits you and meet the same who are looking for the same type of relationship as you are