Best Romantic Restaurants in Chicago for a date

Life can be a never ending string of romantic occasions to celebrate. Valentines Day, birthdays and anniversaries are only a few special occasions that life can offer. When you know these occasions can only happen once, it makes sense that you do it the right way. When you find the perfect romantic restaurant in Chicago, it shows your significant other exactly how much you truly care. Fortunately, a few Chicago restaurants stand out and will show you a very romantic time.

Venice, Italy is a very romantic city. Prosecco has embodied the true spirit of Venice with its inspiring décor. The decorative silk draperies, the gorgeous bar and beautiful art pieces, Prosecco are a feast for the eyes. The white tablecloths are complimented by beautifully stunning dark wood chairs. When you sit down at your table, you are assured that the cuisine will match the décor. Chef Sparacino, who cooks in the best restaurant in Chicago, loves to offer food that truly represents Italy. No matter which part of Italy the food came from, Chef Sparacino finds a way to put it on a plate. When you taste his food, it is a joyous as taking an Italian boat ride through the heart of Venice. You not only have romantic atmosphere but also romantic food as well.

No restaurant in Chicago can compete with the Signature Room located at the 95th near the John Hancock Center. Guests can enjoy the view of the light filled city of Chicago as they enjoy fine cuisine. The Signature Room has all the elegance a couple needs for a romantic evening. The cuisine looks like it came straight out of a food magazine. This restaurant can accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. A Sunday morning breakfast, brunch, or even lunch will definitely give your partner the opportunity to enjoy the best food and the beautiful view at the same time. The Signature Room at 95th has a venue for accommodate private gatherings. Come and enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Chicago as you entertain guests.

Of course, we saved the best for last. The most romantic restaurant in Chicago is definitely Geija’s Café. It could also give any restaurant in the United States a run for its money Guests can eat by candlelight behind curtained tables. Geja’s does not have your average restaurant menu instead, they embrace the romantic side of food. When you and your significant other browse the menu, you will see a wide variety of breads, seafood, meats and fruit to dip into fondue. There are even guitar players that serenade you as you dine. A romantic dinner always leads to a romantic evening.