Chicago Speed Dating

If you are part of the dating scene you know how time consuming it can be and how much of an impact it has on your life. There are television shows and cities that have a solution that is called “speed dating”. So what is speed dating? This article will explain to you a few speed dating questions and give you a few answers.

For most of us we want love to turn into marriage. When most people start dating, they date someone with the hopes of it leading to marriage. This is where speed dating can be part of the solution. This is where singles have the opportunity to date as many as ten single in one night.

Many wonder how this is possible. Each of the ten dates only last six minutes. What makes speed dating so different from the bar scene is that the participants share one thing in common to meet a life partner.

Rules of the speed dating game

There are a few rules to the speed dating game. A group of singles meet at a restaurant or café. They are given nametags and a scorecard. People are paired up to begin speed dating. They can discuss anything they want with two exceptions work and where they live.

After six minutes of conversation, the event organizers ring a bell and the men move on to their next speed date. Look at it as flirting musical chairs.

After each date, the participants mark on their scorecards whether the are interested in meeting that date again. If there is mutual interest, they mark it on the card. The organizers of the speed dating event then give each person there other’s phone number.

How did speed dating come to be?

Rabbi Yaacov Deyo founded speed dating in 1999. It was based on the tradition of gatherings for young Jewish singles that were chaperoned. In the beginning, the intent was to prevent Jewish singles from meeting and possibly marrying anyone outside of the Jewish faith. Speed dating has become increasingly popular in both the Jewish and secular realms all over the world.

There are thousands of singles that are tired of the bar scene and tired of blind dates. Speed dating gives them a safe and fun way to meet new people.

Does speed dating work?

Speed dating has been successful for many singles. Approximately half of everyone who participates in speed dating has found a potential match. Many people are uncomfortable thinking about making small talk with so many people in on evening. However, advocate of speed dating believe it takes one thing to make it successful and that is chemistry.

However, one question still remains. Is six minutes long enough to determine if someone can be a potential match? In such a short period of time, it’s easy to write off someone that could have been interesting in a traditional dating scene.

Many people meet their dream date. However, others believe that if they would have had even one more minute that dream date may not have been so dreamy.

Nevertheless, speed dating has rapidly grown in popularity. Is speed dating considered the new trend in finding a long term relationship or is it a temporary success?